Rennovarea home renovations

Rennovarea provides home renovations for kitchen, bathroom and full home remodelling along with indoor and outdoor services to make your home everything you dream it might be.

At RennovArea, we define ourselves as a company who understands how complicated it is to plan the optimal renovation of our house, apartment, bathroom, kitchen, patio, etc. The best use of space, is our goal, as well as the attention to the details is what makes us stand out.

Each project, no matter how big or small, if it’s your kitchen or bathroom, we focus on attention to detail and quality improvements. As demonstrated by our past renovations, you will be able to see that we excel in maximizing and utilizing the space that is available. In combination with your ideas and our experience will result in a successful project completed on time and within budget.

We are convinced that the care of details always makes a difference in our work.

If you are looking at getting a professional to remodel or renovate and “transform your space” with elegance and optimal utilization and integration of the area, light and colours. As testimonies indicate, give us the opportunity to make this a reality and you will not be disappointed.

We will take care of everything from free quotations, provide you with ideas on how to optimize your space and provide suggestions on modern colours and materials.

We provide a variety of services for the remodeling of your space including:

demolition, painting, plumbing, electrical and lighting work, heating and gas installations, and interior design, etc.

For your medium or large renovation project that requires a structural change we have access and the support of certified civil engineers and architects. We also have access to licensed electricians and plumbers if your renovation needs electrical or plumbing changes.

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