What to Know About Bathroom Condo Renovations

Before you start a bathroom renovation project in a condo, there’s more than planning that should go into any project. In the case of condo bathroom upgrades, you have to make sure that your plans work for all concerned, and you want to make the most of your renovation.

Know the Rules

Prior to changing your flooring, make sure that you have spoken to your condo board. There are often specific rules concerning the under pad regarding sound resistance and possibly other requirements. Asking can save you a costly mistake. If the underpad did not meet the expected standards, you could be required to replace it. Which would be comparable to paying twice for labor. 

Make sure that you (and your contractor) are aware of the rules when it comes to upgrades. If you were thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you should know that some condo associations have restrictions on any changes to things like the plumbing, wiring, roof and exterior of your condo.

Having an Impact

One of the most dramatic changes to a bathroom renovation can be changing the vanity, and even the sink. If looking to save, even a change to just the counter top can make an impact and have a dramatic affect.

If you have a small space to work with, consider a vanity with open shelves instead of doors to help create what would feel to be a larger space. Also, consider that if things feel cramped, using lighter colors is often advised. If working with a larger bathroom, bold colors can transform the space to make a striking statement. Choosing a frameless shower enclosure is another way of opening up your space.

Adding Value

Like most home upgrades, one of the first considerations is the floor. One might consider that marble and granite have a higher value, but a pleasant ceramic tile can also look good.

Some of the more common considerations for a bathroom renovation that could add value include his and hers sinks and walk-in showers. Fixtures such as faucets and shower heads are small details also worth considering, but don’t go overboard. If your budget is tight, these can always be done later. 

For some stand out upgrades that will add value, some exceptional options if space will allow include a standalone bathtub or a sauna installation. 

It’s also wide to thing of resale appeal for the future. Neutral colour palettes are always safe, Avoided dated trends like hexagonal tiles or red-toned wood vanities. Use timeless designs like marble and subway tiles to create a classic, yet contemporary look.

The bathroom is tied with the kitchen in terms of upgrade ROI, so investing in either is worth it when properly done. In many cases, its the kitchen and the bathroom that can sell the home.