9 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to kitchen renovations, there’s more than a few mistakes that can be made. Planning a kitchen update can lead to costly mistakes, and remodeling a kitchen needs to be well thought out in advance. But there’s another aspect to consider. What if you made a mistake in your planning that you can’t go without and need to correct, then your renovation might take more time and money than anticipated.

Here’s a few ways you can save yourself some headaches, time, money and stress when remodelling your kitchen.

Find Your Flow

A properly planned kitchen is about many things, and being practical about workflow is one of them. Little things such as your stove, sink and fridge being within easy reach of one another, and having sufficient space with enough room for you to manoeuvre. 

Trying Before Buying

Before making a final decision on material choices, asking for samples is an absolute must. From tiles to flooring, you often need to see it in the home to see if it works.

Don’t Leave Until Last

While some might decide to choose appliances last, any knowledgeable contractor will tell you that its essential to do so much earlier so that your counters and cabinets fit around the appliances and not the other way around.

Underestimating Storage Needs

When it comes to your kitchen, you can never have too much storage. Having a pantry is a great addition, but you’ll want to consider where you’ll put the pots, pans, blender, crock pot and similar items. 

Plentiful Power

Making sure you have plenty of power outlets in your kitchen isn’t always obvious, and including a few extras in your planning is a lot better than realizing you overlooked it later.

Wasting Storage Space

Often there are missed opportunities where a kitchen remodel could have utilized the space more efficiently, and spaces like above the cupboards can provide extra storage. 

Light Up That Kitchen

Properly planned lighting in the kitchen is more important than many realize, from spotlighting a workspace or softer mood lighting to under the cabinets or accent lighting for ambiance. 

Don’t Overlook the Plumbing

As you’re planning your dream kitchen, moving some items can be both tricky and expensive. So when your renovation involves changing the position of your sink, dishwasher or washing machine you might want to check with a contractor. 

It’s in the Details

A kitchen remodel or renovation is built for you and your needs, and the height of the counters during the process is something you want to get right. If there’s a notable difference in height with others in the home, you can consider dual-level worktops.

Last but not least

Once your kitchen renovation is complete, everything looks amazing, and your beautiful new kitchen is ready, take a look at your small appliances. A beautiful kitchen can easily be taken down a few pegs if it’s also home to a cheap plastic kettle or similar, and its easy to find affordable options that won’t detract from the space as much.