4 Design Tips for More Spacious Living

Creating depth to your space without major renovations can be as simple as knowing where to make the effort. Many homes can take on a more spacious appearance with a little effort. 

Many of the homes throughout Vancouver, Burnaby and other areas are older and in need of some renovations to keep up appearances. Some want a more updated look while others want to remodel their kitchen, bathroom or some other part of their home. It doesn’t matter if you were planning a big renovation or just want a small upgrade if you want to create more spacious living to enjoy.

The Power Of Lighting

The lighting is basic to think about expansion and freshness of any place; On many occasions, we tend to blame the colors of the place and it turns out that this image we have of our kitchen, bathroom, living room. It is largely the lack of light.

Light plays an important point in the conceptualization of the moment and the perception of a space, so it also influences our mood. Just to mention, intense light causes energy and vitality; soft or diffused light tends to relax and make you sleepy. 

A very good resource to manage the intensity of the lighting according to the occasion is to place a dimmer or dimmer on the power switch. This mentioned above does not mean that places with dim lighting are boring or depressing places, but they must have the right focus or environment.

Trying to take advantage of natural light where possible, is your best and most basic tool to open spaces, and then come the different types and levels of artificial light, which we have available as fixed ceiling lamps and table lamps, with their different classifications.

When planning the general lighting of someplace, one must be careful not to generate areas of shadows or very marked contrasts between rooms, the best being an even light for all environments, mainly in areas of greater traffic and stairs.

A Fresh Coat

Painting is the next issue to cause the impression of spaciousness in a room. Everyone knows that light tones help a lot to this effect, by the refraction of light and more. 

If the place is small, keep the space as monochrome as possible. Or try preserving the walls without many changes in colors. It is a viable solution because for many occasions the incorporation of colors gives personality or identity to the room. it is also found that it is a break for the generation of visual space by continuity or sudden changes.

Above it All

If you have a textured ceiling and if you are thinking of doing a more serious remodeling, its  recommended that you consider removing the popcorn texture and flattening the ceiling, it is by far one of the best optical illusions in achieving a sense of enlargement.

On many occasions, people do not pay so much attention to roofs in general and that is why we believe that this would apparently not cause a significant change in the final result, which causes it to stay out of the initial budget but let me tell you that it is a big mistake and I think that it really is something to consider, if an important change is already being made.

This task, if it is a little more loaded in physical work and if you do not have much experience in this type of tasks, it is better to hire someone professional, since it can be really very exhausting. Mainly this is of great help for already wide-ranging places that are usually the dining room and the living room. I ask for your complete confidence at this point and really consider it, the result can be really impressive.

Bring Depth to New Heights

When we talk about spaciousness, it is something in three dimensions, we rely on light, colors, textures on walls or ceilings, but now there must be something that generates a tour of the look from the bottom up. 

To give a sense of height we need to take advantage and use the vertical opportunities that a place gives you, such as in the height where the curtains or vertical blinds will hang. Placing the curtains closer to the ceiling than usual and having tje curtains that touch the floor will make our visual path longer and more appealing.

These four points are only to contribute something, they are very basic and if you have an interior designer helping your project, it is a great help, because they can give you more shape and help to dress your place with taste and harmony.